Hon-e Haven Manuka honey and Ginseng Booster powder

Pure Australian Manuka MGO 30 + & Ginseng Root.

Hon-E Haven Manuka Ginseng Powder is a delicious powdered formula made with pure Australian Manuka honey. This unique blend is formulated using ancient Chinese medicinal recipes with Ginseng root, traditionally used to support stamina, energy and general well being.

Using our break-through patented technology, raw Manuka is transformed using a delicate dehydration process that retains the natural nutrients and antibacterial activity in raw honey.

Pure Australian Manuka MGO 30+  & Ginseng root.

Manuka Herbal Booster instant beverage, made with Australian Manuka MGO 30+ and Ginseng root extract.

Each pack contains 10 individual servings


Manuka solids, ginseng booster blend (pear, apple, ginseng)