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Vogue magasine article displaying Marcus Bondi January 30 2017

Checkout Vogue magasine article displaying marcusbondi of workoutlife.

WorkOutLife is a range of pure, 100% organic SuperFood powder products made from cereal-grasses, sea-grasses, vegetables and fruits to power and active lifestyle.

Be fit, eat well, live well.

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Marcus Bondi in Vogue Australia

Great feedback from a happy customer ! December 05 2016


I’m Liv and I’m a major smoothie lover as they are one of my favourite ways to start my school mornings. One morning when I pulled down my protein powder I noticed Mum had a new tub sitting next to it (of WorkOutLife VeggeFood) . I’ve been wanting to get onto a bit of a health kick lately because school has me running around a lot. I mean a lot! So I threw in a teaspoon to give it a go. I LOVE the lift I got from it. I wasn’t sure if it was a once off, so I gave it a go the next day, and got the same lift of energy.

Now I’m a big fan!!!

 Liv,  Port Macquarie, NSW

25 November 2016


first video of our fortnightly series on Work Out Life Nutrition and Exercise Videos by Marcus Bondi and Victoria. October 10 2016

Welcome to our fortnightly series on Work Out Life Videos by Marcus Bondi and Victoria. We have compiled a series of hints and tips on nutrition and exercising with expert tuition from Marcus.

The first in the series displays the full range of product with instruction on an easy and valuable exercise routine.


Marcus Bondi our new Brand Ambassador for Work Out Life August 23 2016

We are delighted to announce our Brand Ambassador for Work Out Life is Marcus Bondi! The Guinness World Record holder is a picture of health and swears by taking a spoon of our Veggie Superfood supplement every morning before his workouts!  

Watch a teaser intro video here: